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Strathcona ASCENT & Microsoft Center of Excellence
Your Microsoft Power Platform Innovation Foundation

ASCENT from Strathcona Solutions is a comprehensive suite of Center of Excellence (CoE) consulting and configuration services designed to ensure secure, efficient and governable Microsoft Power Platform implementations.

Low code application development can be equal parts innovation and risk, leaving enterprise IT managers scrambling to establish visibility, governance, security, and cost containment.

With Strathcona’s ASCENT consulting and configuration service, you can quickly and confidently protect your enterprise from risk across Microsoft Power Platform tenant environments while simultaneously encouraging growth and innovation from non-traditional developers and creators.

Monitoring Visibility

From single to 10,000-foot views, you’ll experience complete visibility over your environments, policies, controls, apps, connectors, licenses, creators AND risks. The Center of Excellence gives you a holistic vantage point of your tenant, so you can focus on strategic decision-making and licensing cost management.

Visibility Apps Include:
Admin Command Center, Power Platform Admin View, Power BI Dashboards, Innovation Backlog & Backlog Admin

Data Security,
Sovereignty & Integrity

Microsoft's Power Platform makes it easy for non-technical creators as well as professional developers to create end-to-end solutions. With the Center of Excellence, you'll manage your security profile with central controls, real-time monitoring, alerts and auditing. You’ll protect sensitive data and mitigate risk while empowering creators under the policies and safeguards you define.

Data Security Apps Include:
Set App Permissions, Set Flow Permissions, Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Editor


Microsoft CoE helps you expose and navigate the intricacies of a multi-environment tenant, defining access privileges, managing connector requests, establishing and automating approval processes, and provisioning of authorized templates and starter apps.

Governance Apps Include:
CoE Maker Command Center, Admin Environment Requests, Maker Environment Requests, App Catalog, Admin Tasks, Developer Compliance Center, Cleanup Old Objects App, App and Flow Inactivity Notifications Cleanup View, Shared Component Library

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Strathcona Solutions ASCENT
for Microsoft Power Platform Center of Excellence

The most comprehensive suite of consulting and configuration services designed to ensure stable, secure and efficient Power Platform implementations.
Includes consultation, installation and configuration of development and production CoE Starter Kit environments, documentation and administrator training.
Add ASCENT's quarterly update for an annual fee of $3,995.

all inclusive, CAD

Custom Branding

Custom-branded Starter Themes, Templates and Guides for Power BI, Power Pages, and Power Apps. Apply corporate logos, colors and fonts for an enhanced brand experience while enforcing consistency of app appearance.


Application Lifecycle Management

Implement custom ALM Pipelines, including templates and admin training, for managed or unmanaged Power Platform environments, using model driven or canvas apps.

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Training Workshops

Receive hands-on, expert training for administrators, creators and makers from Strathcona's experienced Power Platform specialists.

$1,995per day

Custom App Development

For your Center of Excellence apps. Enhance your Power Platform visibility, governance and security with features that meet your specific needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Microsoft Power Platform Center of Excellence journey includes considerable nuance.

Strathcona Solutions' ASCENT consultation and configuration service is the fast, comprehensive way to get the Power Platform CoE installed and implemented.

We've answered common Center of Excellence questions here.

Yes, Microsoft has generously created and actively maintains several aspects of the Center of Excellence Toolkit, provides it free of charge, and encourages its use.
Strathcona ASCENT is designed to accelerate visibility, security and governance of any Microsoft Power Platform implementation.
Yes, you certainly can. There are dozens of interlocking parts to the Toolkit, but with some patience and diligence, an IT specialist with a background in Microsoft infrastructure can follow Microsoft’s Center of Excellence documentation. With Strathcona ASCENT, our robust process, and expert consultants, we’ll get your CoE established quickly with the highest configuration fidelity.
Strathcona ASCENT consultants have both broad and specific experience developing and managing the Power Platform ecosystems, informed by dozens of client engagements. Our team knows how to ask the right questions, of the right corporate resources, for the right answers for the right configuration to fit your organization’s unique circumstances, bar none.
Depending on your needs, Strathcona Solutions will assign experienced specialists in Microsoft Modern Workplace, Microsoft Power Platform, ALM & Pipeline, Business Analysis, and Marketing/Communications to ensure your CoE implementation precisely reflects your visibility, security and governance objectives.
In general terms, pending the availability of key client personnel, an ASCENT consultation and configuration engagement can be completed in as little as one business week.
At kickoff, we’ll start by providing you with a dedicated preparation checklist and capture the preliminary configuration requirements and identify roles and responsibilities for the CoE starter kit installations. Next, we’ll meet to discover your Power Platform implementation goals and objectives. With that information in hand, we’ll either perform all of the installations and configuration (or shadow and direct your efforts). Then we’ll walk you through the component apps and workshop your ongoing Power Platform monitoring, management and maintenance desires.
Your implementation includes all of the consultation, requirements capture, app installations and app configurations required to take full advantage of the Microsoft Center of Excellence Toolkit solution. Once configured, we’ll guide your Power Platform administrators on monitoring, maintenance and management, minimizing and simplifying their ongoing efforts.
In addition to our core ASCENT CoE implementation, Strathcona offers optional services including the preparation of branded templates and starter apps for Power BI, Power Apps and Power Pages. We’re equally adept talking tech with technical folks as we are talking brand and marketing with communications folks.
Great – we think that this is the best-in-class approach for any Power Platform organization. At the completion of your core ASCENT CoE implementation, we can design and implement a robust ALM pipeline that best fits your organization’s needs.
The Strathcona ASCENT suite offers packaged training opportunities to fit all levels of Power Platform organizations, from general use, prepackaged videos, to custom videos hosted within your CoE, through to personalized individual and group training, virtual or in-house. We’ll help your organization fully realize the potential of low and no-code development on the Microsoft Power Platform.
Strathcona Solutions is a Canadian-based Microsoft Power Platform consultancy featuring technical consultants with decades of background developing solutions built on Microsoft’s CRM and Power Platform infrastructure. Members of our team helped develop Power Pages technologies for Microsoft directly. Those with a background in the Microsoft ecosphere may recall our former Adxstudio brand and portal products for Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM.

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